Amanda has made a significant contribution to my success to date. After a few consultations, I vastly sharpened my professional and soft skills and developed a strategy to effectively make myself marketable to top tier companies. Using what I learned, I was able to greatly impress employers in job interviews and phone screenings and received several career opportunities from fortune 500 companies. What I love most about this consultant is that she is passionate about her craft and craves to see her clients succeed. There’s no doubt that her program will make anyone with a drive and ambition successful
Fortune 500 employee
When I met Ms. Henry, I was a healthcare professional in the midst of a career change. My background is in Audiology so I was unfamiliar with how to appropriately study and attack science courses. She was able to equip me with study techniques some of which I still use today. In addition to providing me with constant encouragement, she has also helped me establish a relationship with a resident physician who has been helping me apply to medical school. I will be forever grateful to her and I will not forget how she has helped accomplish my goals along the way
Aspiring Medical School
Amanda Henry has been one of our most influential contributors in regards to developing our educational framework for process implementation for Universal Elite Aerospace since it began in 2013. Her knowledge and experience engaging the youth and young adults helped set the barometer to empower, educate, and inspire males and females in Science, Technology, Engineering, Aerospace/Aviation/Art and Mathematics. Moving forward, I hope to enlist her help to not only gauge the work that has been accomplished but use her vision to create new goals with measurable milestones.
Kenneth Morris
Aviation S.T.E.M. Education Consultant
Words cannot describe how much I appreciate Ms. Henry for giving me the opportunity to work wither and for being a phenomenal mentor. Therefore, I highly recommend her coaching program to anyone looking for an educational coach because she is without a doubt one of the best.
Franklina Tsiboe
I met Ms. Henry my senior year at Texas Southern University and I must say in just one year of being her intern, I learned so much. She is an exceptional mentor who possesses great communication skills, strong work ethic, and cares about her students. She helped build my resume and provided several resources to enhance my skillets. I was assigned a huge data analytics project by Ms. Henry at the end of the year and this project was the turning point for my career. Today, I am still able to apply every skill I acquired in my current position as a Program Assistant.