Creating a community of learners

​Engaging all students in partnership with family and community to become informed, compassionate and global citizens

My Experience

I am a native of Port Arthur, Texas. Upon graduating from a college preparatory high school, I enrolled at Texas Southern University (TSU.) I earned both my bachelors and masters degrees in Biology from TSU. Additionally, I have a certificate in business entrepreneurship from California State University-San Bernardino. Most of my educational achievements were funded by grants, scholarships, internships, and fellowships totaling close to one hundred thousand ($100,000.00) dollars. Currently, I’m engagedin a role as an adjunct professor and program administrator in my alma mater’s Pharmacy School.

The key factor that assisted in my career trajectory is experiential learning. Experiential learning defined by University of Colorado Denver is, “Experiential learning is a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.”

In short, my consulting has a twofold approachthat is to assist with academics and career readiness inclusive of experiential learning.

Being able to teach people how to be a scholar that is also career ready is my mantra. As a third generation educator, the gift of being inquisitive is second nature.The current state of education, however, has shifted from being trained on how to locate and analyze information (primary and secondary resources)to 140 characters or less (Twitter post), no fact checking, and a lack of proper interpretation of said information. My main goal is to bridge the gap for parents, students, organizations, and life-long learners alike on designing tailor-made career based educational plans to achieve one’s dreams in a skill building goal oriented environment. My work also includes designing intern programs for churches/small businesses, and educating business owners on utilizing students for their work force.